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Mrs. Sam Spoerl, Jr.


Sara Carruthers
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Grace and Vaden Fitton
Nancy B. Follmer
Neil Ann Stuckey Levine
Cordelia and Dan Millikin
Judge John and Shirley Moser
Susan C. Myers
Mrs. Herbert T. Randall
Nancy and Frank Wiley
Bill Wilks


Jay and Ann Antenen
Jean F. Armstrong
Joe and Susan Belew
Christine Carroll
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Joan and Carl Crane
Valerie E. Elliott
Curtis W. Ellison
Stephen Schnabl and Janice Elzey
Mary Pat Essman
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Jack and Sherman Fischer
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John Haid
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Dr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Norman
James R. and Barbara Noonan
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Mrs. Alma Nardine Ryan
Mayor Donald V. and Victoria Ryan
Mike and Sue Samoviski
Harriet and Ted Schmitt
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Dr. Jim and Emily Scott
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Steve and Linda Timmer
Richard and Peggy Underwood
Susan and John Vaughn


Sam Ashworth
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Brenda Dales
Mike and Patty Fawns
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Gerry and Gerry Hammond
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Linda and Bill Hartford
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Ardell Christiansen Hawley
Marc W. Henneberger
Tim and Darlene Hoskins
Monty and Jane Jacobs
John J. and Catherine B. Jacob
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jones
Trudy and Steve Marcum
Anne G. McAdams
Pat Moeller
Philip O. Morrical
Nancy O’Neill
Clem Pater III
Mrs. John Rehm
Bob and Sharon Rusbosin
Dr. Robert Sherwin
Charles and Jean Stinger
Paul and Marion Thoms
Jeff and Julie Thurman
Mrs. M. David Urmston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wessel
James H. Whalen
Jared M. Whalen
Jim and Carol Wilson
Joan D. Witt
Emily Young
Greater Hamilton Convention and Visitors Bureau


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Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Bradley
Lois Brown
Patrick and Ann Brown
William E. Dawson
Cecil and Allegra Brown Duff
Mama Evans
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Joan Fatika
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James K. and Susan A. Fitton
Louis Florio
Steve and Karen Gagle
John and Judy Guidugli
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Ann Antenen
Mrs Jean F. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Bartels
Mr. and Mrs. George Beckett
Mr. and Mrs. David Belew
Mr. Richard Braun
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Braun
Mrs. Ann Brown
Dr. James Carr
Michael J. Colligan Fund
The Current Events Club
Ms. Anne Dahl
Mr. and Mrs. James FisherMr. and Mrs. Vaden Fitton
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gamstetter
Great Miami Valley YMCA, in memory of Charlie Klippel
Great Miami Valley YMCA
Mr. John Haid
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haid
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Harris
Mrs. Ardell Hawley
Hamilton Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Jonson
Mr. and Mrs. Rugh Klippel
Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. Livdahl
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marcum
Mr. and Mrs. C. Todd Martin
Mrs. Herta Moore
Mr. Wesley Newkirk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Post
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Schmitt
Dr. Brent Sohngen
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sohngen
Mrs. Mary Spoerl in memory of George Turnbull
Mr. and Mrs. William Turnbull
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Whalen
Mr. William C. Wilks

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